Insulated Metal Wall Panel Systems in Chatham

Insulated Metal Wall Panel Systems in Chatham

Wall Panel Systems in Chatham

Metal Wall Panel Systems

In Chatham-Kent Ontario, home builders and businesses alike appreciate the superb quality of the fine building materials available through Country Towne Building Supply. We carry in-demand products serving the needs of metal building contractors across this region. One of the most valuable products we offer assists architects and builders seeking attractive, versatile structures. We market an excellent line of Wall Panel Systems manufactured by Atas International, Inc.

Visit us soon to learn more about this merchandise. Our helpful staff assists customers in seeking specific types of metal walls for construction purposes. Today, metal cladding has greatly expanded available options for a wide array of commercial and residential buildings. We carry Atas International, Inc. lines designed to accommodate many building goals.

An Insulated Metal Wall Panel System Offers Many Advantages

Why do so many savvy building firms in Ontario value our lines of metal wall panels? Consider just a few of the advantages these products supply during construction. First, the manufacturer produces a great selection of stylish, attractive Wall Panel Systems. Whether you desire to erect a commercial office building, a residence, a farm outbuilding, or a multi-unit storage facility, the use of stylish metal cladding helps create more appealing exteriors. Choose styles, designs, and color combinations of most interest to your customers.

Metal Wall Panels

Second, instead of undertaking extensive, slow framing, metal building systems enable rapid construction. The manufacturer may create an entire insulated metal wall panel system, for example. This sometimes spares a construction crew the grueling task of engaging in repetitive piece-by-piece wall assembly on site. Atas International, Inc. has already completed a substantial percentage of the construction process. The use of prefabricated materials during metal building furnishes advantages in terms of speed of construction, reduction in labor needs, and cost control. It simply makes sound financial sense to utilize these well-built metal wall panels.

The Impressive Benefits of Metal Cladding

The use of metal walls for construction purposes also enables customers to select the best types of cladding for specific needs. Metal manufacturers discovered decades ago that bonding one metal surface to another may greatly increase the utility of certain products. Cladding technology has developed significantly during recent years.


Metal Cladding


Using copper cladding inside galvanized steel plumbing pipes helps prevent drinking water from acquiring a metallic, rusty flavor, for instance. Mints sometimes employ cladding to help cut high production costs. Stylish bronze or steel cladding lends a beautiful appearance to many locksets. A lengthy list of popular metal products frequently displays cladding today. Perhaps it should surprise no one that metal cladding enhances the variety and utility of the metal wall panels available through Country Towne Building Supply.

Obtain Customized Products

When our customers order metal walls for construction from us, they select well-documented products. We’ll help you find the optimal metals in the right dimensions to fit your project. Many lines produced by Atas International, Inc. also offer an impressive selection of appealing colors and shades.

Today, residents of Ontario utilize both exterior and interior Wall Panel Systems. Selecting these materials frequently permits a contractor to completely finish a metal building rapidly. Using an insulated metal wall panel system may eliminate the need to hire subcontractors to provide some types of finishing services, for instance. In many cases, this streamlining translates into faster construction time frames and higher profit margins.

Build Better, With Our Expert Help

Our company assists customers in seeking cost-effective, high-quality metal wall panels and other building systems and components for initial construction or remodeling purposes. By choosing metal cladding products from a reputable manufacturer, customers in Ontario frequently enhance their options for revitalizing and refurbishing existing structures. The flexibility and versatility of these products make them a very appealing option.

For example, when contractors refurbish an aging building, the eco-friendly installed metal walls may permit a radical change in the facade without extensive rebuilding and finishing. As long as the products comply with applicable building code and architectural requirements, this strategy may permit rapid (and very stylish) renovations. Country Towne Building Supply offers some exciting options for remodeling projects.

Rely on Country Towne Building Supply

Country Towne Building Supply strives to render an exceptional level of attentive customer service. If you share your requirements for your next project with us, we’ll work with you individually to ensure we provide the components and building materials you need.


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Customers across this region have come to value our input. Contact us online via the convenient website inquiry form, or call us at 888-674-6570. We look forward to assisting you!

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