Find The Right Vertical Metal Siding For Your Next Project

Find The Right Vertical Metal Siding For Your Next Project

Vertical Metal Siding

Metal siding panels for your commercial buildings and construction project are a crucial decision. They are a large factor in your overall success and reputation as a builder. You want to make sure that the metal panels you pick are of quality and durability, and look great on the outside of your building. In essence, modern metal siding that is long lasting and adds curb appeal.

It’s not always easy to find exterior wall panels with all these features at a price point that is affordable enough for your construction budgets. That’s why we created this article post! We’ll go over some metal siding options that offer the best panels for siding but also look great. We will also discover why steel siding, and vertical metal siding options are a great option for building both a modern appearance and bold color schemes.

Quality And Durability

The first thing you want to consider when looking for vertical siding is the quality of steel materials. You don’t want to go after any alloy panels or materials with lower durability or even life span. Good craftsmanship, is the cornerstone of construction and you want to avoid as many problems as possible. Using low quality materials will only become a compound problem through time and could cause damage even sooner than expected. Materials should last decades if installed correctly, so make sure that this is the case for your siding project. Types of siding that have longer life spans are batten siding, corrugated metal siding and concealed fastener siding.

Applications of Metal Siding

The advantages of metal siding are well promoted among steel manufacturing companies and builders alike. Just have a quick look at the video below.

With many colours in metal siding to choose from matching your aesthetic look will be extremely easy. Modern designs and profiles will enhance the style and flair that many people want when trying to create the best-looking commercial buildings. Ensure you choose metal that is aesthetically appealing or you may not get as many customers, or rentals from your new commercial space.

Exterior Metal Siding Options That Match Your Budget

One of the most important things when finding durable metal siding panels that work for your building project is finding ones that fit the budget you have set. If metal siding costs more than what you were planning on spending, it will be hard to make them happen and may force you into a lower-quality option. At Country Towne Builders we have many steel siding options to meet your needs.

Advantages of vertical metal siding metal plates

Vertical sliding creates the traditional look of tall, clean lines while making spaces appear larger than they are.

This exterior siding favorite has the same look as standard sheet metal but does not have any problems with corrosion because there are no open joints in the material that could be exposed to water or moisture. This makes exterior siding panels an excellent choice for residential and commercial construction because they are strong enough for high-wind areas while also being aesthetically appealing.


Vertical metal sliding requires less maintenance cost as compared to other sheet metal options. Furthermore, Vertical metal sliding does not require metal clips to hold the sheets in place, which can be an issue with flat metal plates installed incorrectly.

Generally, alloy panels are easier to work with when they lay flat, but vertical metal siding is much more weather resistant than traditional sheet metal. This can be great for metal buildings because it means that the metal building will not have any leaks or moisture problems in your walls over time due to rain or melting snow, which can damage other parts of the structure such as the interior wall if left untreated.

Why choose Country Towne Builders?

  1. Country Towne Builders in Chatham provides you with quality products for both industrial building and commercial construction. The manufacturing facility offers metals and all your building materials such as metal roofing, trims and flashings and steel siding etc. Their pricing is affordable and the materials are durable.
  2. The group of experts from Country Towne Builders will help you install their products which cover all exterior aspects of construction. If you are not interested in installation, we can deliver a shipment at your doorstep. We have many past projects for Inspiration right from our home page.
  3. Country Towne Builders have a team of competent product supervisors who offer professional advice and assist with the stages of construction. This team of professionals ensures consumers get the best quality products with affordable pricing.
  4. At Country Towne Builders, we have a diverse range of roofing materials from industry-leading brands. We only work with metal as having a durable roof means you will have a roof for a lifetime. Roofing materials should not be compromised or low grade, and if you are looking for the best, Country Town Builders is your building supplier of choice.

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Vertical metal siding is the way to go if you are looking for metal panels that will last a long time, look great on your building, fit with your budget, and offer more excellent weather resistance.

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There are some metal panel options right here at Country Towne. Still, vertical metal sliding offers quality materials at an affordable price point, making it one of our favorite ways to create beautiful buildings!

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