Metal Wall Cladding Systems for Commercial Buildings

Metal Wall Cladding Systems for Commercial Buildings

Metal Wall Cladding Systems

Consider The Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding Systems

Today, builders across Ontario benefit from the durability and affordability of metal wall cladding systems. Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham-Kent distributes impressive metal walls supplied by ATAS International, a leading manufacturer of Architectural Panel Products. We even have our own metal manufacturing facility right on location, so we know we can get you the right price! Visit our website often soon to explore an exciting selection of top quality metal cladding for your home or business!

Metal Siding For Commercial Construction

In this region, our metal building supply store furnishes a valuable resource for construction and remodeling projects of every size. We stock many high-grade Architectural Metal Panels products for the convenience of our General Contractors and builders. This brief article seeks to share information about some of the most important benefits offered by metal wall cladding systems.

Use these stylish materials to help enhance the appearance of man-made structures in this region of Ontario, Canada!


Impressive  Strength Advantages & Many Other Benefits:

Why has the use of metal cladding as a building material increased significantly in popularity recently? Many factors likely account for this trend. Just consider some of the key reasons to select our attractive Architectural Panels Products designed by ATAS International.


1. Metal Offers High Strength

We recommend the use of tough metal panels in part due to the natural strength of this type of building material. If your architectural design must eventually accommodate the use of exterior signage, for example, metal siding represents an excellent, long-lasting selection. Our metal building supply firm carries a wide array of fasteners and concealed fasteners designed to help secure this type of exterior system securely in place. The strength of metal appeals to numerous builders in Ontario.


2. Metal Walls Resist Wind, Fire, And Termites Well

Metal walls also typically offer known wind-resistance capacities. This advantage proves especially helpful when construction occurs in locations subjected to severe winds during certain periods of the year. While metal will burn, only exceedingly hot temperatures produce this result. Lovely metal finishes also offer impressive insect-resistance qualities. For instance, while termites voraciously chew through wooden timbers and panels, termites can’t digest metal surfaces. While they may attack wood-framed structures, they leave metal panels, walls, and siding unscathed.


3. Enjoy an Excellent Selection of Styles And Colors

One common reason for choosing these metal-clad building components relates to the variety of lovely available colors and designs. Architects enjoy the broad latitude to select the best exterior trims to complement unique structures. Whether you plan on completing a custom home or you’d like to remodel and update a vintage property, the chances remain excellent you’ll discover some appealing ATAS International panels for your project. From Classic Bronze and Rocky Grey to vivid Siam Blue, Redwood, Hartford Green, and more, we carry a wonderful selection of appealing shades to help further a customer’s unique vision for a realty exterior.


4. Obtain Construction Benefits

Our metal products attach readily to a variety of structural surfaces. Builders appreciate the ease and speed of installing these well-designed systems. The ability to complete construction with a comparatively small labor force frequently translates into significant cost savings!


5. Create Impressive Exterior Facades

Today, builders also welcome the capability to utilize eye-catching Architectural Design features in innovative structures. The exteriors of buildings generate visual interest when commercial construction involves the generous use of ATAS International Architectural Panel products (such as the brands we supply). Use this innovative technology to create stunning curtain walls, lobbies, entrances, roofs, arches, and canopies, for example.

6. Use Durable, Long-lasting Materials

As a leading manufacturer of metal building products, ATAS International offers a great selection of finely finished, very durable components. These materials resist heavy use well. The metal cladding surfaces ensure the panels retain their appealing colors and fine textures over the course of time. Rely on these supplies to craft buildings which appear virtually brand new five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years after the completion of commercial construction!


7. Utilize Products With Excellent Recycling Potential

Of course, the ability to dispose of used building products safely attracts customers interested in employing sustainable construction materials in Ontario Canada. Long-lasting metal siding from ATAS International serves this goal, too. After years of use, owners may decide to recycle metal building systems, including panels, siding, roofs, and walls. Most landfills accept metal construction components for recycling purposes.


8. Obtain Cost Advantages Over Time

The attractive cost savings of our sleek metal building systems delights builders, developers, and homeowners alike. These items gradually pay for themselves over the course of time. In this respect, they represent a highly cost-effective choice for Ontario homes and businesses.


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For all these reasons, we invite anyone considering construction projects in this part of Ontario to visit the Country Towne website soon.

Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario

Request a catalog. Then spend some time perusing a great selection of useful metal exterior paneling products. Whenever possible, we help special order selections for customers who would appreciate customized building assistance!

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Metal Wall Cladding Systems Ridgetown Ontario

Metal Wall Cladding Systems Ridgetown Ontario

Metal Wall Cladding

Metal Wall Cladding Systems Ridgetown Ontario

Your home is meant to last-shouldn’t your walls?

Walls are the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. Metal wall cladding systems are an effective, attractive and reliable solution to most buildings.

They are available in many forms and materials and you can choose them based on your budget and aesthetics.

We are a building supply company in Ridgetown, Ontario dealing in metal cladding products, custom metal roofing, insulated metal panels, just to name a few.

We do not only supply to Custom Home Builders but to industrial and commercial builders as well.


What are Metal Wall Cladding Systems?

Protect your investments with metal wall cladding systems.

They consist of 2 main components. The cladding layers and wall system. This system has been used extensively in construction to protect against harsh weather condition.

Metal Cladding has resistance against fire, moisture, noise etc. There are factors to consider before installing them such as your budget, aesthetic requirements and their performance criteria.

Country Towne Builders has what you need. Our products guarantee durability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. We offer lightweight and custom façade solutions and have unlimited design options to choose from.


Pros of Metal Cladding

Metal Is Lightweight


Unlike other construction materials, metal is lightweight. Metal cladding panels offer a lightweight solution especially if made from Aluminum metals. They will not put unnecessary weight and pressure on your home or commercial structures.

They are ideal for commercial construction business owners in Ontario, industrial builders, custom home builders and architects.  Our home and industrial-grade metal cladding products for architectural design and construction are lightweight and yet strong and durable.


Strong and Durable

Metals such as stainless steel and Aluminum are known to be strong and durable. Despite being lightweight, they are sturdy. These metals can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour.

They offer added protection to a building and will increase the mechanical stability of a building.  They are very durable with many lasting from 40 to 60 years if properly installed and well maintained.

If you live in an area that is prone to tornados, it is high time you install them. You can get them from exterior metal cladding systems suppliers like us who have traded in Ridgetown, Ontario for over 18 years now.

We offer an efficient and friendly service with competitive prices.  They are not only functional but are stylish and sturdy to last more than 60 years. You can use our metal siding for your residential or commercial construction projects.

Do not forget to consider some factors such as costs, aesthetic appeal, and functionality before making a material selection.  Products that are made of steel are durable though are a bit more costly than products made of Aluminum.

They will protect from pollution, sunlight, moisture and changes in temperature.


They Are Aesthetically Pleasing

There are lots of different metals, colors and finishes to choose from. They are capable of creating rustic metal and sleek stainless steel looks.

All of our metal building supplies are pleasing to the eye.  They will change the overall look of your home or residential property while adding value to it.  It is a good idea to install them if you want your property to stand out from the rest.


What Types of Metal Wall Cladding Systems Are There

There are different metal cladding systems to choose from including the following;

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

One of the best metals available in metal cladding is stainless steel.  Stainless steel is an ideal solution for any building because it is sturdy, corrosive free and will remain in good condition for many years.

It is a good material to use on the exterior surfaces of buildings.


Panelized Metal Wall Systems

You can get an array of panelized metal wall systems from us which will come ready for installation. Fat plate metal wall panels, metal faced composite panels, lap seam metal panels, and composite metal wall panels are different types of panelized metal wall systems.

See some examples of metal wall cladding in this video by Runman ReCords Design


Why Choose Us

Contact us today if you want Metal Wall Cladding Systems in Ridgetown Ontario. We are the best supplier if you want a roof that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. We have a wide variety of cladding profiles to choose from.

You can choose them based on their finishes, styles, color, and materials.

  • We have friendly support that is ready to assist with all things related to metal cladding
  • We have competitive prices and high-quality products
  • Our products come complete with coordinating installation systems
  • We offer complete cladding solutions to commercial construction business owners in Ontario, architects, industrial builders and custom home builders
  • We are experienced in the field and are passionate about helping you customize your dream house


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario

Metal cladding is a great addition to your home. Call us today and we will give you a free quotation.





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