Offering Various Architectural Accents to Suit Your Project

Offering Various Architectural Accents to Suit Your Project

Architectural Accents


Do you want to add new architectural accents to your commercial design project? If so, you’re in the right place we have plenty to show you like our brand new metal roofing profiles!

Find out more about how Country Towne Builders can help supply your next project with quality metal cladding and metal wall building materials.

People are also adding renovations to their homes at a record pace. But nailing down the perfect touch for your project can become a headache without a little direction.

Don’t fret. We have expert tips for creating the look you’ll fall in love with, no matter if your a residential builder or in commercial construction!

And they all focus on one technique perfect for customized building projects: architectural accents that are beautiful.

Architectural accents can boost the look and feel of your home. And we’ve got the blueprints to get your home design project started in style.

Here are some architectural accents to consider if you’re trying to put a trendy touch on your perfect addition.


Architectural Accents: Where to Start

Why add architectural accents? These additions can increase the value of your home by lifting its look and improving its style.

When it comes to architecture, experts look for a few common design elements which have now started to become common place for the architecture world.


Look and Style

It’s certainly the most visible part of choosing an architectural design. The aesthetics of a home can vary. They might use efficient types of architecture like modern or ranch style to more delicate looks like a Victorian or Greek revival.

In architecture, the home’s look makes a statement, makes an impression on onlookers, and can drastically change the value of a house.



An architectural designer also considers how well the house works for the people inside. Even the most beautiful designs have more value if they are meeting the needs of occupants or visitors.

It also means good architecture holds up to the elements and is made up of quality materials.



Great architecture blends functionality and eye-pleasing style without being too complex. A smooth, uncomplicated design tends to please passersby and residents.

What are the best options to up your project through architectural accents?


Metal Walls Can Be the Difference-Maker

Focusing on a sleek, attractive outside of a house or building can make a property’s value pop. Architectural panels are a simple way to boost a house’s style.

And metal is predicted to be a hot material for architectural designers in 2019. Beyond looking at style, it’s important to pick out products that are durable and easy to maintain.

Metal architecture panels are an excellent option. They give off a versatile, polished look without showing wear and tear.


Wrap Your Project in Style

Another top-notch choice for architectural accents is metal wraps. A home or business can be upped by wrapping columns or beams in metal.

This is a great way to tie together themes and give off an elegant feel without sacrificing durability.


Treat Your Project to Trim

For trim, the difference is in the details. Adding outstanding trim can bring a whole project’s look together.

Customized trim that features extrusions is a powerful way to add sharpness to an exterior. They stand-out visually by using different levels of depth to bring contrast to a design.

It also acts as a safeguard against weather or erosion.


Get Expert Advice for Your Project

Putting the finishing touches on a home and adding architectural accents can be a big job. We’ve got experts dedicated to the top materials and latest trends.

Want to learn more about custom home building construction and commercial building materials? Check out our blog here.

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Metal Building Products in Construction – More Growth in 2019

Metal Building Products in Construction – More Growth in 2019

Metal Building Products

Metal Building Products in Construction – Growth in 2019

The Year Of Metal


Something is sizzling up in the way of metal building products in the architectural world in 2019! The metal construction industry has been increasing in popularity, and it isn’t a coincidence. Country Towne Building Supply is the leading manufacturer in metal building supplies in the local area. If you need any type of architectural design or commercial construction project, we deliver superior results with an affordable price in mind.


Architectural Metal Panel Products, Elegant Yet Durable


As mentioned earlier, using metal has been a hot trend this year. As a product that is easy to maintain, metal has been a preferred choice among many industries. What surprises many of us though is the fact that using the metal can create a beautiful design unmatched by other materials. We are the preferred metal building supply company that can help enhance curb appeal while keeping your building protected for a lifetime. Visit us – The Buildings Show: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Nov. 28-30th Booth 1118. The show will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary, we’re proud to be at this spectacular event where the design, architecture and construction professionals meet!


The Building Show Construct Canada


Quality Building Materials With Superior Craftmanship


Do you know the benefits of using metal as a construction material? Many companies are forgoing the old ways of building, and they are deciding to hop on board with this type of commercial construction. When you decide to build with metal, there are several advantages that you should consider. Our company offers the highest quality architectural panel products that money can buy.


Metal Walls and Metal Siding– The maintenance is much easier with this type of structure, yet it can last forever. With sleek metal designs and color choices, this is an appealing option. Metal siding will make your property stand out, and it gives business owners an edge over others.

Metal Roofing– A metal roof is a foundation for a well-built building. A metal roofing system is superior in regards to maintenance, durability, and increased value of the building. Many homes and businesses are tired of replacing a roof every 20 years, so they are transitioning to metal.

Metal Cladding– This can give your building the modern design you desire! While this type of metal system looks great, it will also cut down on the energy expenses. The upfront cost to use it is a bit more, but over time you’ll save yourself a bundle of money. Metal cladding can instantly boost the curb appeal of an outdated building. With the ability to use different color schemes, the metal cladding can truly set your building apart from others.


The Changing World Of Commercial Construction


Many of us think that constructing a building with metal has limitations. If you think a building is just putting a few pieces of sheet metal together, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. For example, using metal walls has given builders almost limitless possibilities in architectural design. From a variety of colors to the sleek modern look, building with metal has changed the way we think about larger types of structures.


Stages of Commercial Construction


You Need Architectural Panels Products


You want your building to create the first impression that will last a lifetime! For many, the reason they lose a potential sale on their property is that the building looks outdated or lifeless. Throwing a few pieces of sheet metal together won’t be appealing to anybody. Metal architectural panels products help give you a boost to stand out from your competitors. Whether you want to run a successful business or you need to sell your building for the most money, using metal is the way to go. In addition, it is much easier to keep a well-maintained property. For business owners, they want to focus on the daily operations of their products instead of worrying about how to fix a run-down building.


A Leading Manufacturer In the World Of Metal Building


Country Towne Building Supply is a preferred choice in the Ontario area. We have nearly 20 years of experience in providing our customers with options for their metal building supply needs.


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Country Towne is proud to offer our services for nearly all types of residential or commercial buildings in the local area. Always honored that you will consider our service, so give us a call anytime for a free estimate! We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting property.





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