5 Popular Types of Exterior Metal Panels & Metal Siding for Construction

5 Popular Types of Exterior Metal Panels & Metal Siding for Construction

Metal Panels

5 Popular Types of Metal Panels to Consider for Your Construction Building Project

5 Types of Exterior Metal Panels to Consider for Your Building Project

Metal panels are becoming more popular in residential projects as people see how versatile and cost-effective they are.

Metal wall panels are easy to install, are built to last, and aren’t limited in color and design options.

Read on for a list of 5 popular types of panels that you can consider for your residential project.


1. Copper Siding

Copper metal panels are durable, long-lasting and add a distinct visual appeal to any project.

It has been used since 300 B.C. Copper withstands corrosion and so can stand the test of time

Copper is an earth-friendly material because it can be easily recycled. It is also very thermally efficient.

Copper’s longevity means less replacement and repairs which is good for our planet. The rich, warm copper hue will add sophistication to your exterior paneling.

But, copper requires expert installation as this metal is quite malleable. We do not install copper siding, but still think its a beautiful material to accent buildings with.

Copper Siding



2. Corrugated Metal Siding

Corrugated metal panels are versatile. They work well for modern, traditional and rustic looks in both residential and commercial projects.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your style. The gentle folds of corrugated metal make one hue appear to change colors throughout the day as natural light changes.

Best of all, it is simple to install.


3. Galvanized Steel Siding

Galvanized siding has made a comeback in recent years. It was a popular choice in the early 19th century when early settlers rolled tin cans to make sheets of steel.

Today, galvanized steel is a great choice for homeowners who want a strong and attractive siding for their homes.

Galvanized steel resists mildew, fading, and damage from wood-eating insects. You never have to worry about warping or brittleness either. That’s why it is a popular choice for industrial architecture too.

It’s a low-maintenance siding option that never needs to be painted or caulked. You also don’t have to use silica dust.

Intense heat, rain, sleet, snow, and hail are no match for galvanized steel sidings. In fact, each galvanizes steel panel is sealed with a weather-resistant finish that ensures that your siding looks fresh despite the elements.


4. Snap Batten Panel Siding

Snap batten can be used for roofs, walls and siding panels. They can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position. Or both for a custom look.

Also, you can opt for different sized panel widths to create a distinct and pleasing effect.

You can make snap batten panels look sleek and modern by aligning the ribs. this creates a smooth transition that looks elegant and on trend.

Use snap batten as both roof and siding to create a lovely waterfall effect.


5. Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is an excellent alternative to vinyl exterior siding. It has insulation to keep your energy bills down and is easy to maintain.

Aluminum siding is fairly durable and affordable. Best of all, it won’t crack the way vinyl does.


Final Thoughts on Metal Panels

We hope this post has helped you see that metal panels are a great choice for residential side paneling.

These 5 types are not your only options!

Country Towne Building Supply is located in Chatham-Kent Ontario Contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your next project idea.


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Exterior Metal Wall Panels For Industrial Architecture

Exterior Metal Wall Panels For Industrial Architecture

Exterior Metal Wall

Exterior Metal Wall Panels For Industrial Architecture

If you are facing the accelerated costs of building products in construction and desire a less expensive commercial construction project, consider metal walls. Country Towne Building Supply is the leading manufacturer in metal and provides ATAS International metal walls and architectural products to simplify construction and meet building codes while improving the architectural design.

The metal construction industry continually advanced in the architectural world in 2019. You can now build a beautiful, state-of-the-art apartment building, store, factory, office complex, convenience food, worship center or other building using prefabricated exterior metal walls.

Exterior metal wall panels are increasing in popularity. Metal building products provide an advanced design for single buildings and are an exceptional choice when branding for franchising purposes.

Metal offers the option of prefabricated walls that simplify construction and reduce costs. Builders can establish metal buildings from a kit, or may combine metal elements into a pre-existing design scheme by applying new metal options, such as metal siding, roofing and metal cladding to a wood frame or structure.


10 Reasons to Choose Metal Building Products in Commercial Construction

If you are looking for the newest architectural design while saving money, industrial grade metal is the way to go. As a leading manufacturer in metal construction, Country Towne Building Supply is ready and available to help you choose the best metal walls and metal panels for an urban design or a modern architectural construction.

1. Products in the Architectural Industry Offer Financial Savings

The metal construction industry benefits from the use sheet-metal, metal walls and metal siding because they offer outstanding savings.

2. Prestigious Appearance of Architectural Panels Products

Continuous economic growth in 2019 is expected and architectural panels products and sheet metal will give you the prestigious appearance that your business needs.

3. Advanced Products in the Architectural Field

Metal building products in construction are more affordable and attractive than ever before.

4. Construction Industry Growth in 2019

Metal building supply and fresh architectural talent have joined forces to change the face of the construction industry and continuous growth in 2019 is expected.

5. Enhanced Design in the Architectural Industry

Attractive architectural design is continually advancing in metal roofing, sheet metal, industrial grade metal, metal cladding and metal siding manufacturer; Country Towne Building Supply is ready and available to assist you on your contemporary or urban design.

6. Durability

Architectural panel products are improving the durability of buildings and enhancing their appearance. Metal products meet or exceed building codes to give you security and peace of mind.

7. Curb Appeal

Metal architectural panel products emphasize stylish exteriors in order to promote curbside attraction for the purpose of expanding your company’s sales and national appeal.

Metal construction projects are increasing in popularity and architectural panel products will continue to grab the attention of the architectural world in 2019. County Towne Building Supply, ensures that you have access to the best metal exterior products available.


Achieving Architectural Excellence

There are numerous metal wall panel companies, and Country Towne Building Supply strives to provide only the very best architectural metal panels. ATAS International, Inc, is provided by Country Town Building Supply because they offer the best architectural metal panels on the market today. They are a long time source of reliable panels for contractors and are recognized for durability and dependability. Atas offers advanced thermal and moisture control and protection along with a wide range of colors, profiles and textures for an excellent expression of creativity and outstanding results.

Sun control, moisture protection and air movement are offered with Atas. Budgets are able to meet the expectations of the project manager. Insulated panel systems meet stringent fire codes to provide outstanding protection while providing beauty and performance. Durability and excellence are combined in a fast and easy installation process. Insulated sheathing panels will exceed code requirements. Exterior wall and roof systems will allow you to redefine the traditional boundaries of creativity while providing limitless design options. Take some time to review some of the outstanding structures that have been built by architects using metal that provide natural ventilation and expansive views. Let your mind be stretched as you consider an affordable but architectural delight that will break the previously invisible walls of limitation and release your corporation’s full potential.

Yesterday and today will merge into a new tomorrow using metal’s limitless architectural expression. Imagine the walls reflecting the sun during the day while being highlighted with LED lights in the evening. Celebrate the explosion of artistic options available as you discuss your financial boundaries with the design leader at Country Towne Building Supply.


CTBS Your Leading Manufacturer

Country Towne Building Supply is the leading manufacturer in metal construction projects. You can contact us for all metal building supply, including metal panels for walls, metal siding, metal roofing and gutter systems. Call 888-674-6570, visit the facility at 13127 Gosnell Line in Chatham-Kent Ontario, or place your order HERE.


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