An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding

An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

Commercial construction is an industry that requires innovation as businesses seek to outperform each other. Metal cladding has been enhancing the outside look of commercial businesses for decades. Its highly desirable flexibility and sleek finish make it a sight to see. However, from an architect’s standpoint, metal is a very strong material that can create a challenge when building.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Cladding?

Architectural design has many different components. This type of metal cladding is one that is commonly used in many metal roofing, commercial construction, and other projects. Here are the top benefits that cladding can provide for your project.

  • Enhanced Mechanical Stability Of The Structure
  • Increased Protection For Building Interior
  • Non-Combustible Material
  • Typically Low-Maintenance
  • Lightweight Solution Easily Transportable
  • Superior Aesthetic Finish
  • Environmentally-Friendly Product

Properly understanding the various types of metal cladding out there is a must. This way you can formulate a design for your client’s that fits their wants. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the various types of finishes, methods of attachment, and forms that cladding products can be purchased in. This should give you a great understanding of how you can incorporate metal cladding into your next commercial project.


The Various Metal Cladding Systems

When you incorporate metal into the exterior of a commercial building, its main role is simply to provide protection for the internal building. Metal is perfect for keeping out the elements like rain. Secondly, these sheet metal products are perfect for providing an aesthetically pleasing finish for the overall structure. Depending on the type of finish you get from your metal building supply company to meet your client wants, there are a few different systems that you can use.

Standing Seam

This is one of the more popular early styles of cladding by the leading manufacturer of cladding materials. It sports a recognizable seam between each panel. This cladding seals the connecting panels so that from the exterior, the viewer will only see robust folded metal connections. This type of system is very versatile and can be used with many different types of metal. These include stainless steel, titanium, zinc, weathering steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.


Interlocking Metal Panels

This is a newer version of the standing seam system. It sports a simple snaplock design that provides a smoother profile from the exterior of the building with express joints. These snaps can be in the form of vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Architects tend to prefer this particular style system over others because they are a low-fuzz install. There’s no special equipment needed as the panels simply snap together.


Flatlock Shingles

These are Architectural Panels Products that are designed to lock together in a flush facade. These systems are very flexible and can be designed in reverse to create deeper express lines. These panels come in a variety of different materials, so you can create the perfect facade for your client.

A True Variety of Metal Building Materials

Metal walls can be constructed of different metal materials. Each particular material has a different look to it that can help to satisfy the wants of your client. You’ll need to take into account both the aesthetic finish as well as the physical use of cladding when deciding on the perfect material for your next build.


Stainless Steel

Metal walls and metal siding are commonly manufactured with steel. This steel has a very thin coating of chromium oxide that gives it the famous stainless steel look. The actual chromium layer is added to protect against corrosion from the outdoor elements. Your client can expect a clean and polished final look from stainless steel material.


Galvanized Steel

Instead of chromium oxide, galvanized steel has a thin layer of zinc. This also works to protect against rust. This particular finishing coat allows for a spangle look with visible crystallites in the final coating. This is a different type of aesthetic look than the polished stainless steel metal siding.



This particular material is naturally resistant to blistering and rust. Due to this attribute, it’s a very popular product chosen by architects. This sports a strength-to-weight ratio that is much better than traditional steel. This allows for a less bulky installation than the Architectural Panel Products made of steel. However, this material is more prone to scratches and dents.



This lightweight commercial construction material is perfect for sheet metal designing, architectural panel products, and metal roofing. It provides very high strength with a reflective and glossy appearance. This type of material does require regular maintenance to ensure that there is no brown staining that occurs from the exposure to the outside elements.

Architectural design is a career that offers the ability to be creative and make the dreams of others come true. By crafting relationships with the leading manufacturer for metal building supply panels, you can be sure to have a wide variety of options when it comes to your next project.

Talk with your client to figure out what they desire the outside of their building to look like. Then, you can look into the various materials of architectural panels products and their finished coatings to figure out which will work best for their individual project.

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Metal Building Products in Construction – More Growth in 2019

Metal Building Products in Construction – More Growth in 2019

Metal Building Products

Metal Building Products in Construction – Growth in 2019

The Year Of Metal


Something is sizzling up in the way of metal building products in the architectural world in 2019! The metal construction industry has been increasing in popularity, and it isn’t a coincidence. Country Towne Building Supply is the leading manufacturer in metal building supplies in the local area. If you need any type of architectural design or commercial construction project, we deliver superior results with an affordable price in mind.


Architectural Metal Panel Products, Elegant Yet Durable


As mentioned earlier, using metal has been a hot trend this year. As a product that is easy to maintain, metal has been a preferred choice among many industries. What surprises many of us though is the fact that using the metal can create a beautiful design unmatched by other materials. We are the preferred metal building supply company that can help enhance curb appeal while keeping your building protected for a lifetime. Visit us – The Buildings Show: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Nov. 28-30th Booth 1118. The show will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary, we’re proud to be at this spectacular event where the design, architecture and construction professionals meet!


The Building Show Construct Canada


Quality Building Materials With Superior Craftmanship


Do you know the benefits of using metal as a construction material? Many companies are forgoing the old ways of building, and they are deciding to hop on board with this type of commercial construction. When you decide to build with metal, there are several advantages that you should consider. Our company offers the highest quality architectural panel products that money can buy.


Metal Walls and Metal Siding– The maintenance is much easier with this type of structure, yet it can last forever. With sleek metal designs and color choices, this is an appealing option. Metal siding will make your property stand out, and it gives business owners an edge over others.

Metal Roofing– A metal roof is a foundation for a well-built building. A metal roofing system is superior in regards to maintenance, durability, and increased value of the building. Many homes and businesses are tired of replacing a roof every 20 years, so they are transitioning to metal.

Metal Cladding– This can give your building the modern design you desire! While this type of metal system looks great, it will also cut down on the energy expenses. The upfront cost to use it is a bit more, but over time you’ll save yourself a bundle of money. Metal cladding can instantly boost the curb appeal of an outdated building. With the ability to use different color schemes, the metal cladding can truly set your building apart from others.


The Changing World Of Commercial Construction


Many of us think that constructing a building with metal has limitations. If you think a building is just putting a few pieces of sheet metal together, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. For example, using metal walls has given builders almost limitless possibilities in architectural design. From a variety of colors to the sleek modern look, building with metal has changed the way we think about larger types of structures.


Stages of Commercial Construction


You Need Architectural Panels Products


You want your building to create the first impression that will last a lifetime! For many, the reason they lose a potential sale on their property is that the building looks outdated or lifeless. Throwing a few pieces of sheet metal together won’t be appealing to anybody. Metal architectural panels products help give you a boost to stand out from your competitors. Whether you want to run a successful business or you need to sell your building for the most money, using metal is the way to go. In addition, it is much easier to keep a well-maintained property. For business owners, they want to focus on the daily operations of their products instead of worrying about how to fix a run-down building.


A Leading Manufacturer In the World Of Metal Building


Country Towne Building Supply is a preferred choice in the Ontario area. We have nearly 20 years of experience in providing our customers with options for their metal building supply needs.


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Country Towne is proud to offer our services for nearly all types of residential or commercial buildings in the local area. Always honored that you will consider our service, so give us a call anytime for a free estimate! We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting property.





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