Metal Wall Cladding Systems for Commercial Buildings

Metal Wall Cladding Systems for Commercial Buildings

Metal Wall Cladding Systems

Consider The Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding Systems

Today, builders across Ontario benefit from the durability and affordability of metal wall cladding systems. Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham-Kent distributes impressive metal walls supplied by ATAS International, a leading manufacturer of Architectural Panel Products. We even have our own metal manufacturing facility right on location, so we know we can get you the right price! Visit our website often soon to explore an exciting selection of top quality metal cladding for your home or business!

Metal Siding For Commercial Construction

In this region, our metal building supply store furnishes a valuable resource for construction and remodeling projects of every size. We stock many high-grade Architectural Metal Panels products for the convenience of our General Contractors and builders. This brief article seeks to share information about some of the most important benefits offered by metal wall cladding systems.

Use these stylish materials to help enhance the appearance of man-made structures in this region of Ontario, Canada!


Impressive  Strength Advantages & Many Other Benefits:

Why has the use of metal cladding as a building material increased significantly in popularity recently? Many factors likely account for this trend. Just consider some of the key reasons to select our attractive Architectural Panels Products designed by ATAS International.


1. Metal Offers High Strength

We recommend the use of tough metal panels in part due to the natural strength of this type of building material. If your architectural design must eventually accommodate the use of exterior signage, for example, metal siding represents an excellent, long-lasting selection. Our metal building supply firm carries a wide array of fasteners and concealed fasteners designed to help secure this type of exterior system securely in place. The strength of metal appeals to numerous builders in Ontario.


2. Metal Walls Resist Wind, Fire, And Termites Well

Metal walls also typically offer known wind-resistance capacities. This advantage proves especially helpful when construction occurs in locations subjected to severe winds during certain periods of the year. While metal will burn, only exceedingly hot temperatures produce this result. Lovely metal finishes also offer impressive insect-resistance qualities. For instance, while termites voraciously chew through wooden timbers and panels, termites can’t digest metal surfaces. While they may attack wood-framed structures, they leave metal panels, walls, and siding unscathed.


3. Enjoy an Excellent Selection of Styles And Colors

One common reason for choosing these metal-clad building components relates to the variety of lovely available colors and designs. Architects enjoy the broad latitude to select the best exterior trims to complement unique structures. Whether you plan on completing a custom home or you’d like to remodel and update a vintage property, the chances remain excellent you’ll discover some appealing ATAS International panels for your project. From Classic Bronze and Rocky Grey to vivid Siam Blue, Redwood, Hartford Green, and more, we carry a wonderful selection of appealing shades to help further a customer’s unique vision for a realty exterior.


4. Obtain Construction Benefits

Our metal products attach readily to a variety of structural surfaces. Builders appreciate the ease and speed of installing these well-designed systems. The ability to complete construction with a comparatively small labor force frequently translates into significant cost savings!


5. Create Impressive Exterior Facades

Today, builders also welcome the capability to utilize eye-catching Architectural Design features in innovative structures. The exteriors of buildings generate visual interest when commercial construction involves the generous use of ATAS International Architectural Panel products (such as the brands we supply). Use this innovative technology to create stunning curtain walls, lobbies, entrances, roofs, arches, and canopies, for example.

6. Use Durable, Long-lasting Materials

As a leading manufacturer of metal building products, ATAS International offers a great selection of finely finished, very durable components. These materials resist heavy use well. The metal cladding surfaces ensure the panels retain their appealing colors and fine textures over the course of time. Rely on these supplies to craft buildings which appear virtually brand new five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years after the completion of commercial construction!


7. Utilize Products With Excellent Recycling Potential

Of course, the ability to dispose of used building products safely attracts customers interested in employing sustainable construction materials in Ontario Canada. Long-lasting metal siding from ATAS International serves this goal, too. After years of use, owners may decide to recycle metal building systems, including panels, siding, roofs, and walls. Most landfills accept metal construction components for recycling purposes.


8. Obtain Cost Advantages Over Time

The attractive cost savings of our sleek metal building systems delights builders, developers, and homeowners alike. These items gradually pay for themselves over the course of time. In this respect, they represent a highly cost-effective choice for Ontario homes and businesses.


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For all these reasons, we invite anyone considering construction projects in this part of Ontario to visit the Country Towne website soon.

Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario

Request a catalog. Then spend some time perusing a great selection of useful metal exterior paneling products. Whenever possible, we help special order selections for customers who would appreciate customized building assistance!

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An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding

An Architect’s Guide To Metal Cladding and Build Design

Commercial construction is an industry that requires innovation as businesses seek to outperform each other. Metal cladding has been enhancing the outside look of commercial businesses for decades. Its highly desirable flexibility and sleek finish make it a sight to see. However, from an architect’s standpoint, metal is a very strong material that can create a challenge when building.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Cladding?

Architectural design has many different components. This type of metal cladding is one that is commonly used in many metal roofing, commercial construction, and other projects. Here are the top benefits that cladding can provide for your project.

  • Enhanced Mechanical Stability Of The Structure
  • Increased Protection For Building Interior
  • Non-Combustible Material
  • Typically Low-Maintenance
  • Lightweight Solution Easily Transportable
  • Superior Aesthetic Finish
  • Environmentally-Friendly Product

Properly understanding the various types of metal cladding out there is a must. This way you can formulate a design for your client’s that fits their wants. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the various types of finishes, methods of attachment, and forms that cladding products can be purchased in. This should give you a great understanding of how you can incorporate metal cladding into your next commercial project.


The Various Metal Cladding Systems

When you incorporate metal into the exterior of a commercial building, its main role is simply to provide protection for the internal building. Metal is perfect for keeping out the elements like rain. Secondly, these sheet metal products are perfect for providing an aesthetically pleasing finish for the overall structure. Depending on the type of finish you get from your metal building supply company to meet your client wants, there are a few different systems that you can use.

Standing Seam

This is one of the more popular early styles of cladding by the leading manufacturer of cladding materials. It sports a recognizable seam between each panel. This cladding seals the connecting panels so that from the exterior, the viewer will only see robust folded metal connections. This type of system is very versatile and can be used with many different types of metal. These include stainless steel, titanium, zinc, weathering steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.


Interlocking Metal Panels

This is a newer version of the standing seam system. It sports a simple snaplock design that provides a smoother profile from the exterior of the building with express joints. These snaps can be in the form of vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Architects tend to prefer this particular style system over others because they are a low-fuzz install. There’s no special equipment needed as the panels simply snap together.


Flatlock Shingles

These are Architectural Panels Products that are designed to lock together in a flush facade. These systems are very flexible and can be designed in reverse to create deeper express lines. These panels come in a variety of different materials, so you can create the perfect facade for your client.

A True Variety of Metal Building Materials

Metal walls can be constructed of different metal materials. Each particular material has a different look to it that can help to satisfy the wants of your client. You’ll need to take into account both the aesthetic finish as well as the physical use of cladding when deciding on the perfect material for your next build.


Stainless Steel

Metal walls and metal siding are commonly manufactured with steel. This steel has a very thin coating of chromium oxide that gives it the famous stainless steel look. The actual chromium layer is added to protect against corrosion from the outdoor elements. Your client can expect a clean and polished final look from stainless steel material.


Galvanized Steel

Instead of chromium oxide, galvanized steel has a thin layer of zinc. This also works to protect against rust. This particular finishing coat allows for a spangle look with visible crystallites in the final coating. This is a different type of aesthetic look than the polished stainless steel metal siding.



This particular material is naturally resistant to blistering and rust. Due to this attribute, it’s a very popular product chosen by architects. This sports a strength-to-weight ratio that is much better than traditional steel. This allows for a less bulky installation than the Architectural Panel Products made of steel. However, this material is more prone to scratches and dents.



This lightweight commercial construction material is perfect for sheet metal designing, architectural panel products, and metal roofing. It provides very high strength with a reflective and glossy appearance. This type of material does require regular maintenance to ensure that there is no brown staining that occurs from the exposure to the outside elements.

Architectural design is a career that offers the ability to be creative and make the dreams of others come true. By crafting relationships with the leading manufacturer for metal building supply panels, you can be sure to have a wide variety of options when it comes to your next project.

Talk with your client to figure out what they desire the outside of their building to look like. Then, you can look into the various materials of architectural panels products and their finished coatings to figure out which will work best for their individual project.

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Metal Walls & Metal Cladding – Architectural Panel Products

Metal Walls & Metal Cladding – Architectural Panel Products

Metal Walls

Metal Walls And Metal Cladding

Attractive Architectural Panels

Country Towne Building Supply offers durable and attractive architectural panel products at remarkably competitive prices. Whether you perform architectural design, or you need to find some stylish exteriors for your commercial or industrial construction projects, you’ll want to consider our excellent selections of strong metal walls, roofs, siding, and metal cladding. We offer in-demand products for savvy buyers seeking to combine robust curb appeal with easy maintenance.


Metal Wall Systems



Use Our Metal Building Supply Company To Source The Best Materials!

As a construction material, metal offers some important advantages. A growing number of builders in Ontario discover merit in employing steel or metal cladding and siding products every year. We offer an impressive selection of metal panels and other building supplies created with leading manufacturer technology for an industrial grade product.

What accounts for the popularity of metal siding, metal cladding, and metal roofing systems in the commercial construction marketplace? Individual architectural design goals may vary widely, of course. Yet all these brands do furnish some distinct benefits:

  • Metal walls, siding, roofing, and cladding systems look attractive
  • Obtain these systems in a variety of appealing designs and colours
  • Metal products recycle easily
  • Avoid the need to expend extensive resources framing structures by purchasing complete metal building systems in a convenient prepackaged form
  • Construction occurs rapidly using a limited number of experienced employees
  • Many metal products supply excellent fire resistance
  • Designers create these structures within known wind resistance tolerance ranges
  • These structures offer better resistance to termites than wooden buildings


Versatility in Meeting Your Commercial Construction Needs

The days when most consumers associated metal with drab sheet metal Quonset hut construction or dull gray farm outbuildings have long disappeared. Metal structures today occur in a dizzying array of exciting architectural styles. They supply vibrant, crisp, durable colours, too. Perhaps nowhere does this versatility appear more pronounced than in the development of commercial buildings.


Insulated Metal Wall Panels


Whether you seek to erect a convenience store, a factory, a fast food outlet, an office complex, or an apartment community, metal building systems furnish powerful capabilities. Companies can replicate these structures precisely for branding and franchising purposes, for instance. Additionally, the capability to prefabricate metal walls and other architectural panel products vastly simplifies construction. Today builders may erect metal buildings using kits, or combine metal elements into an existing architectural design scheme, e.g, by applying a new metal roof to an older wood frame structure.



Why Attractive Architectural Panels Products Matter

Most real estate experts emphasize the importance of stylish exteriors in promoting the curbside marketability of a property. Whether you’re offering a commercial building or a residence for sale, your chances of selling the property quickly increase markedly when your real estate appears both well maintained and attractive. Metal architectural panels products promote these goals.


Metal Cladding


You’ll notice the streamlined, trendy appearance of the metal building supplies in our inventory with approval. Cladded metal retains its shape and colour better than many competing products; it offers an interior surface reinforced by the deposition of the second layer of metal. We furnish superb soffit and fascia metallic building supplies, along with high-quality metal roofs, walls, and siding. Employ these long-lasting products to create appealing building exteriors without the need to perform extensive outdoor maintenance.



Make Country Towne Building Supply Your First Choice

Save time and money by investing in the brands we carry. Country Towne Building Supply offers convenient construction supplies in Ontario. Contractors erecting metal structures appreciate our impressive varieties of top quality items from respected manufacturers.


Metal Walls with Zoom


Find all these metal building products conveniently at one place:

  • Metal Cladding
  • Architectural Panels Products
  • Sheet Metal
  • Metal Roofing Systems
  • Metal Siding

And More!

We’ve taken the time to research available metal building supplies. Our company offers building contractors in Ontario a convenient source for obtaining construction materials for metal structures cost-effectively. As a large retailer, we purchase our inventory in bulk; our customers benefit from the ability to order general construction supplies and metal building materials from us in any desired quantity.



Talk to Us About Your Order Today!

We’d like to become your metal building supply center in Ontario. In need of metal construction item from a leading manufacturer? Think Country Towne for our superb metal building systems. Our company helps busy contractors purchase their metal construction materials in scalable quantities, at competitive prices!


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Whether you need panels for walls or exteriors, or attractive roofing and gutter systems, visit Country Towne Building Supply at 13127 Gosnell Line in Chatham-Kent Ontario. Or simply place your order conveniently via our website or by calling us at 888-674-6570. We look forward to helping you expand your construction enterprise in Ontario!





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