Steel Siding for Commercial Buildings in Ontario

Steel Siding for Commercial Buildings in Ontario

steel siding commercial buildings

The first thing that should comes to mind when you mention exterior building products is Country Towne Building Supply. As we carry a wide array of quality metal building products for the building industry.

If you think of steel, think of us during your next building design. Steel cladding is not only as strong as brick, but it is also very attractive, extremely durable and good in terms of energy efficiency.

Steel siding is commonly used in agricultural applications and buildings. But if you look around the country, the use of steel in commercial construction has definitely increased. It offers reliable protection that can last for several decades.

Building Maintenance

One of the top concerns in the construction industry is maintaining the exterior as renovations can be expensive. Sometimes it is necessary, to give your property a facelift, especially if you want to make more money on office rentals. Your investment in steel enhances energy efficiency and can save you money on heating and cooling costs.

Properly maintaining a brick or stone building can cost thousands of dollars each year due to the need to clean the building and protect it from mold, pests, and water damage. Steel gives you years of protection that is resistant to weather, fire, and is easier to clean.

While it is more expensive than brick or wood, it also lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Once you pay for the purchase, you can use the building for many years if you maintain it from time to time. However, if the building is damaged by a storm or other natural disaster, it can be expensive to replace.

Steel siding is used in a variety of building design projects, as described below.

New Building Construction & Steel Siding

Buildings in industrial areas are often exposed to a lot of weather conditions. This is where steel comes into play because it is guaranteed not to rust compared to other materials. Industrial grade steel makes a big difference to building construction. As the fastening system remains intact without having to replace the panels due to wind storms or corrosion. Also, steel comes with a fire resistant rating and can withstand extreme heat.

Agricultural Buildings

This is an excellent option for outdoor pole barns. While a pole barn can be built out of wood, the problem with it is that it can catch fire very easily and cause massive property damage. Barns are used to house livestock that need constant maintenance and repair. Steel barns can withstand the elements over time and won’t collapse.

Along with steel siding for the outside of the barn, another popular choice that we offer is steel roofing or metal roofing products that have a guaranteed 50+ year warranty. Most traditional roofing materials can be a total write off within 15 short years. Metal panel sheets have quite the advantage after you factor in both the UV coating and fade guarantee.

Corrugated Metal Sheets

These are usually the most commonly used materials for the exterior of a commercial building. When you think of steel, you naturally think of cladding on buildings, but another material is just as strong and durable: corrugated metal sheets. These sheets are best suited for commercial buildings or outdoor buildings that are exposed to extreme weather or excessive sunlight. The installation works similar to metal siding.

Steel sheets can be easily applied to a variety of buildings, and can work perfect for refinishing. There are different types of steel sheets, and it is best to choose the type that suits your needs depending on how it will be used.

Packing Warehouses

This material is not only suitable for residential construction, but also for commercial construction such as warehouses or even gymnasiums. Steel is used daily for commercial building products and there is many reasons why.

As the top durable building material architects and construction owners love what they get back in return from using durable steel building components. Its an efficient building material that is both sustainable and recyable.

Custom Made Steel Panels

If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable way to spruce up the exterior of your next building project, custom steel panels are probably your best bet. They are also more practical than other materials such as other building systems in some cases.

Architectural panel products can be applied to various parts of your building, such as the ATAS architectural panel. You can choose pretty much any design you want to give it a custom look, but you also have the option of choosing from pre-made designs like wood-like panels or metal panels. The choice is entirely up to you!

Quality Building Materials for your Next Project

Are you looking for building supply in Chatham? We have both construction expertise and a quality product. Our company delivers corrugated steel siding panels with the help of our experienced staff.

Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario

We are known for exceeding the expectations of our customers because we ensure that the products we sell are never substandard. For advice and supplies in Chatham Kent, Ontario, Canada, contact us!

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