Building with Steel Construction Materials

Building with Steel Construction Materials

Steel Construction Materials

Today, commercial builders across Ontario prefer the most cost-effective steel construction materials. Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham Kent offers solid value. We carry a wide array of strong steel components. These parts enable builders and contractors to create exceptional structures to delight their customers.


Durable steel building components hold numerous advantages, in fact. Canadian commercial construction business owners appreciate the savings they obtain by using Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham Kent. We carry quality products. If we don’t stock the parts you need for your project, we’ll help obtain custom components for you.



The Practical Benefits of Steel Construction Materials


From industrial building to agricultural and commercial construction, using steel components in conjunction with extensive insulation usually boosts energy efficiency. Contractors today obtain metal panels in a wide array of dimensions, styles, and textures. These materials typically won’t burn as readily as lumber. Plus, they offer important termite resistance benefits.


In Ontario, builders relying upon strong metal parts also can select components featuring specified snow load-bearing and wind resistance factors, if preferred. This capability assists companies designing commercial facilities for use in locations subject to harsh winter weather conditions. Architects, commercial construction business owners, project managers, construction workers, and customers all value the convenience and utility of pre-fabricated metal construction kits today.



Three Interesting Illustrations of Construction Cost Savings


The value of steel components for contractors conducting commercial and industrial building emerges in one recent study. Experts sought to identify the financial savings obtained by using steel (versus other types of building materials). Employing steel framing and metal panels offers significant economic benefits in several situations. Just consider a few of the most pertinent findings:



Steel Versus Cast-in-Place Concrete: One Example


Research conducted by an independent third party found significant cost savings in the use of steel versus cast-in-place concrete. Erecting a six-story building utilizing steel provided cost advantages when evaluated from the standpoint of the full construction cycle. Indeed, cost differences equivalent to $7.50 per square foot favored the use of steel framing for the project.



Lower Insurance Costs Compared With Wood Framing


Using steel (as opposed to wood framing) supplied significant insurance benefits in another recent case. In terms of building risk insurance costs, contractors erecting a four-story 400-room hotel during a two year period saved a remarkable $1.3 million by choosing steel framing instead of wood. While the savings on smaller projects might not prove as significant, clearly the use of metal quality products (including steel framing) holds tremendous advantages for many construction crews seeking to lower insurance risks.



Valuable Time Savings


Some studies also report important time savings resulting from the use of steel products. This translates into lower construction costs, in many cases. For instance, using metal components may result in saving equivalent to 3% to 5% of the total value of the project. Our company offers builders the ability to select superb Metal Wall Cladding, Architectural Cladding, and Corrugated Metal Panels. Reduce the time your crews expend constructing fashionable building exteriors (including rooftops) with our assistance!



Explore The Value of Steel Building Components Soon


Today, building with steel offers some impressive advantages compared with many other popular construction materials:


  • Energy efficiencies in conjunction with insulation;
  • Flexible panel and component sizes;
  • Variable design (and style) characteristics;
  • Enhanced fire resistance properties;
  • Termite resistance properties;
  • Known strength and load-bearing capabilities;
  • Known wind-resistance capabilities;
  • Overall project cost savings contributions;
  • Labor and time-savings;
  • Lower construction insurance risks in some cases, and More!


As a company specializing in metal components, Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham Kent gladly assists customers in evaluating and comparing metal building supplies for upcoming projects. We offer assistance to construction business owners in identifying the best components to fit project specifications.



Obtain Cost Savings For Your Firm Now

Visit our website homepage to request a free catalogue. Discovery attractive Corrugated Metal Panels, Metal Wall Cladding, Architectural Cladding, and other parts to enhance the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your next commercial construction project.


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