Multi-Purpose Panel

Multi-Purpose Panel


The variations of this profile start with the standing seam, to the batten style, to the plank and barn board. The texture is either smooth or stucco embossed. A slight “V” is formed into the plank or barn board for a variance of style. The Multi-Purpose™ panels with the Wind-Lok application have a smooth but sleek appearance with a concealed clipless fastening system. Typical applications include walls, fascias, mansards, equipment screens and some limited roofing with a minimum slope of 3:12.

Florida Building Code Product Approval: FL 16083 (MPS120)


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Product Info

Material: .032, .040 aluminum
24, 22* ga. metallic coated steel
16, 20 oz. copper*
.7 mm zinc*
.0197 classic & terne coated stainless steel*
(MPS: .032 aluminum only | MPH129: .040 aluminum, 22 ga. steel only)
Panel Coverage: 8″
Minimum Panel Length: 2’-0”
Maximum Panel Length: Transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations
Panel Depth: 1 1⁄4″
3⁄8″ (MPS)
Texture: Smooth
Perforations Available: Yes
Finish: 70% PVDF
Anodized: Clear Satin
Dark Bronze
Accessories: A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified
Florida Building Product Approval: FL 16083 (MPS120)
*Subject to minimum quantities and extended lead time
Inquire for material and panel coverage availability


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