Crimp Curved Span Wall

Crimp Curved Span Wall


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Span Wall™ is a structural wall panel that offers design freedom for all types of buildings. The panel can be installed horizontally or vertically on solid substrate or spaced framing. The texture is either smooth or embossed, depending on gauge of material. Typical applications for Span Wall™ are walls, equipment screens and mansards.

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Material: .032, .040, .050 aluminum
24, 22*, 20* ga. metallic coated steel
24, 22*, 20* ga. 55% Al-Zn coated steel with acrylic coating
Panel Coverage: 24″
Minimum Panel Length: 6’-0”
Maximum Panel Length: Transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations
Panel Depth: 4″
Curving Parameters: 24″ W x 4″ D x 12″ Pitch
Convex and/or Concave
4 ft O.S. rad. min. 24 ga.
6 ft O.S. rad. min. 22 ga.
10 ft O.S. rad. min. 24 ga.
15 ft O.S. rad. min. 18 to 20 ga.
Texture: Smooth
Finish: 70% PVDF
Accessories: A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified
*Subject to minimum quantities and extended lead time
Inquire for material and panel coverage availability


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