Metal Facades for Building Exteriors

Metal Facades for Building Exteriors

Metal Facades for Building Exteriors


Metal facades for building exteriors has become the trend for commercial construction and architects alike. Also referred to as metal cladding systems, this form of exterior metal products are not only durable, but come in many different styles or profiles.


Builders use them over the walls of buildings, either for residential buildings or in commercial construction. Some more modern home construction builders are using metal facades to stand out from the traditional style home. Metal brings a lot of benefits for construction, which we will cover now…



Advantages Of Exterior Metal Cladding


Before using metal cladding on your home, you have to ensure you buy from a reputable seller like Country Towne to get quality products. Some of the advantages of buying quality metal panels include:




Metal is naturally a long-lasting material because of its resistance to water damage and its strength to withstand environmental hazards like winds. However, some metals are stronger than others, and you need to consider your geographic location before buying.


Metal also expands and contracts, making it impossible to break or fold due to temperature changes, unlike some materials like glass.



Fire resistance:


Metals are among the most fire-resistant materials. To ensure that you get the best out of them, Country Towne employees will inform you about the fire-resistance rating of all their metal cladding Materials.



Lightweight Material:


Metal is considerably lighter than other materials you can use as siding for your houses, like natural brick and wood. Those materials require that your building has a strong foundation. However, you can use it with metal cladding even on buildings that do not have strong or deep foundations.



Resistant to Environmental Damages:


While materials like timer and natural brick or stone could be efficient in resisting disasters like strong wind and scratches, they get damaged by things like water and moss. With metal cladding, you never have to worry about your siding collapsing due to rot from excess water or some panels coming off due to mold.



Thermal insulation:


Before installing metal siding, contractors first install a framing, which insulates the house better, increasing its energy efficiency.


Before you buy metal cladding materials, employees at County Towne consider your geographical location and what you want to achieve from the materials. They also ask you the finish you want to have for your building once the metal cladding is installed.


While most people consider having smooth finishes to their hoses, you can also get corrugated metal panels from this company, which are not unique but increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.



Types of Metal Cladding


Whether you are building a new commercial plaza or renovating an old one and you need a building material supplier in Ontario, County Towne should be your first choice.


ATAS Insulated Metal Wall Panels


That is because they have different metal panels made from different materials to meet all your needs. It all depends on the kind of finish you want to have and other factors like your location.


Some materials are more resistant, heavier, and tougher than others. The materials you will get include:


  • Stainless steel- Most popular because of its polished and tiny finish, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion because of the chromium oxide layer on it.
  • Galvanized steel- Like stainless steel, galvanized steel has an additional layer of zinc that helps make it rust-resistant. It also has visible crystallites on the surface, which give it a mottled aesthetic look called spangle.
  • Weathering steel- Often caller COR-TEN steel, this material has a protective layer with a rust-like appearance. Not only does that finish make it rust-resistant, but it also eliminates the need for you to paint it.
  • Aluminum- Naturally resistant to blistering and rusting, aluminum is a great choice for both residential and commercial construction. It also has a good strength-to-weight ratio, which means that aluminum metal facades are less bulky than those of steel.
  • Titanium- This material is preferred in architectural cladding because of its lightweight, glossy reflective appearance and strength. After installing titanium cladding, it forms a protective oxide layer, making it more resistant to corrosion.
  • Zinc- This material is corrosion-resistant and also waterproof. It is also resistant to harmful UV rays effects and is self-healing, meaning that it recovers if it gets scratched.
  • Copper- If you are looking for a lightweight cladding material, copper is one of the materials to consider. It is also durable and is 100% recyclable if you decide you want to move.


There are unlimited ways you can use metal in your home, including having metal facades for your building, decorating your fences, roofing, and internal walls of your industrial building.


County Towne has quality production materials and methods that ensure they give you quality products that not only have a long life but give your building the best appearance.


They not only have different materials for the metal cladding, but they also offer you different styles like smooth and corrugated metal panels. Their products also have different colors and textures, depending on your taste.


Looking to Build with Metal Facades?


Whether you want to buy the metal cladding materials or buy and have them installed, County Towne is the best company to turn to. They are the trusted service provider for building supply in Chatham-Kent and across Ontario.


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


They will help you not only with your residential buildings but also with commercial and agricultural buildings. They have reasonable pricing, depending on the material you choose and the project installation. Estimates are always free, Contact Luke today from our contact page.

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