Metal Composite Panels – Commercial Architectural Panels

Metal Composite Panels – Commercial Architectural Panels

Metal Composite Panels


Commercial architects must reconcile their limitless imagination with practical applications with new innovative building materials. Lucky for them, new metal composite panels offer a variety of custom profile designs. All metal panels have a large selection of colours to choose from. If you work in construction around Ontario, Canada you will be pleasantly surprised at the aesthetic appeal, enhanced durability, and ease of construction of the latest in Architectural panel products.



The Advantages of Metal Composite Panels


A very important advantage for the architect is the number of colors that are available all with a UV coating. The colour palatte ranges from shades of red, green, black and blue. However, for an accurate example of the true metal composite panel colour. Please request a real panel sample.

Website colours use a blend of only three colours (RGB – red, green, blue) that are used  to create all colours on screen for monitors. They may not be a true representation of actual panel colours. Understand for the most accurate colour selection, a panel sample is highly recommended before ordering.


View our Contemporary Product Line Here:

versi series contemporary


In addition to design flexibility, architectural panels products are highly resistant to the challenging weather conditions of Ontario, Canada. Imagine the weather is blistering hot or sub-freezing cold, you will discover that durable metal composite panels are water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, delamination resistant, anti-corrosive, and anti-swelling. In fact,the major metals associated with these panels are aluminum and zinc. Less common metals are copper, stainless steel, and titanium.




What are the additional advantages of the panels?


Another advantage is that metal composite panels have been used for over 30 years in the construction industry for all kinds of commercial buildings since they are so versatile for both exterior and interior applications. Specifically, they can be bent, curved, and joined together in an unlimited, variety of configurations. They can also decorate fascias, soffits, canopies and decorative towers.



Other applications include partitions, container construction, ceilings, and architectural cladding and so on. Additional advantages of these panels include acoustic insulation, mechanical properties, thermal resistance, fire behavior, anti-bacteria, and anti-static. Thus, your artistic architectural expression for metal walls will be enhanced with a variety of metal building supply panels from any leading manufacturer.


For instance, you can select several panel types for your architectural design. These panel types are:


  • Concealed fastening wall systems
  • Exposed fastening wall systems 
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Interior wall panels



How Architectural panel products benefits commercial construction business


By adding another line of low maintenance yet highly durable and decorative wall building materials, construction owners can increase the assortment of architectural panel products for their clientele. Other commercial construction owners, architectural designers, and general contractors in Ontario can rely on you for their new buildings’ construction and renovations needs. And, any leading manufacturer of architectural panels products will support your marketing efforts to increase sales growth for your company.

In fact, current trends for Architectural Panels Products indicate a global growth rate of 5.7 percent. Specifically, there is a primary commercial demand of 60.6 percent for the building curtain wall market and of about 27% for the interior decoration, Metal Building Supply market.



How metal cladding works with architectural panels


Metal cladding is when metal panels are wrapped around a residential or commercial building for additional properties. Durable, aesthetic pleasing panels are also low maintenance. So, they do not need to be painted or even cleaned as often as non-cladded buildings. They can be easily be attached to the building by “clicking” the panels in place. Many modern skyscrapers, as well as other commercial building, keep their new look years or even decades after their completed construction with metal cladding.


Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Metal Panels are versatile, durable, industrial-grade, metal products for Architectural design. Apartments, retail buildings, office buildings, and other commercial properties can be built or renovated with the latest in metal architectural panels. They offer many advantages and benefits over other construction materials. These benefits range from water resistance to fire resistance with extremely low maintenance to highly decorative finishes of the buildings’ exterior.

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