Metal Cladding Panels in Chatham

Metal Cladding Products

Metal Cladding represents a revolution in commercial construction. It’s where strength and beauty are able to meet to create a clean, contemporary look for your next building project.

The elements can be harsh in Canadian climates with heavy rain, strong winds, extreme cold, or blistering summer heat. All elements are really no match for our Metal Cladding Products. They truly are a perfect solution to accent, refresh, and protect any building or structure.

There aren’t many other products on the market like metal cladding panels in Chatham, ON to update or enhance a building. The high-end metal coatings save energy, and looks great.

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Country Town Builders offers metal building products both for residential and commercial construction. Here’s how.

Metal Cladding Panels In Chatham ON

As buildings age, the upkeep changes as features wear out. Architectural accents need updates, and occupancy rates can dip.



Metal cladding is an easy update for the entire look of the building. From commercial to industrial buildings, metal cladding panels can redesign your space and are built to last.

It’s common to find sheet metal in commercial projects and metal cladding is quickly becoming the new look of architectural design.

The products from Country Town Builders are top-of-the-line.

Metal Cladding Panels Can Perfect Any Building

Metal cladding panels can work with any building from traditional to modern. They can break up lines across the front of a building and can create patterns for contrast.

For commercial builds,  metal cladding can stand the test of time for the great outdoors. And, there are no limits on color or texture. Project managers can decide to complement or contrast areas for the greatest appeal.

Metal Design Trim-The Details That Stand Out

Trim details set the tone for a timeless look. Beam wraps, column covers, and mitered edges add to the quality of a great design.

We can also recommend metal roofing and other accessories to make any project stand out. Need Custom Flashings or Trim? We do that, too.

Metals Make It Sustainable

Though budget concerns are common with metal cladding panels, it’s vital to make construction sustainable. Our products include insulation and ratings to ensure long-lasting and energy-conscious options.

Metal siding or cladding is meant to last (and save the budget) are what today’s construction owner is all about.

Country Town Builders Is Ready For 2019 And Beyond

Metal Cladding Chatham ON offers signature design possibilities. This, with real long-term savings and security. There is good reason architects and designers are talking about the advantages of metal.

There are endless possibilities for classic looks that will last a lifetime. We are here from the start of the design to the installation of occupancy. Whether you have your design ready or need some help, check our blog for great information. Or contact us here for pricing details.