Interior Metal Wall Panels & Accents (Residential & Commercial)

Interior Metal Wall Panels & Accents (Residential & Commercial)

Interior Metal Wall Panels


Nowadays, innovation has spread to building designs with the use of metal panels and accents on walls. These interior metal wall panels are durable, sturdy, and have unique looks. Metal wall coverings for interiors are quick to install and are light weight in comparison to concrete or masonry cladding.

You can install them in a residential or commercial buildings as they are exceptionally versatile. The panels come in many sizes, shapes, colors, textures and finishes and you can find them from manufacturers such as Country Towne Builders in Chatham. Use architectural interior metal wall panels to add a modern and clean look to your upcoming project or add attractive focal points or accents.


Types of Interior Metal Wall Panels

Interior Corrugated Panels

These panels perfectly fit in your home either as an accent or as a wall panel. You can use them as a kitchen island if your home has a rustic design or install an accent wall. With corrugated metal wall panels, you have endless possibilities. Their classic look complement’s any interior home decor in addition to being quality products.

Interior Metal Wainscoting Panels

Wainscoting panels are popular for use in buildings where they are using natural wall panels. It looks better on homes with ranch-style or rustic designs. Its purpose is to make a boring wall look better and protect the interior wall from damages. It goes well with any interior decor design to brighten your walls while still maintaining its integrity.

Flat Interior Steel Panels

Flat steel wall panels are mostly used on exterior walls but are becoming adapted in interior walls. They perfectly fit in a traditional or modern building design with their smooth, sleek, and long lines. The panels create outstanding interior looks ranging from complete accent walls and metal wainscoting. They produce an aesthetic look without much effort.

Industrial Interior Steel Panels

Industrial steel panels are ideal for commercial buildings such as shops, garages, and manufacturing plants. They act as siding materials due to their durability. You can choose from a variety of finishes and colors from your building supply in Chatham to create your desired look.

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Benefits of Architectural Metal Panels

1. Versatility

You can use metal wall coverings for interior at almost any stage of commercial construction. When used on the interior, they replace traditional materials such as drywall or wood to produce a unique ceiling and wall surface. The result is a durable and strong surface that is pleasing to the eye. There are a variety of finishes and materials to choose to create any look.

2. Abundance of Materials

There are numerous material choices that match any design. The most common are made from steel, stainless steel, zinc alloys, galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum. Stainless steel and copper are mostly used on the interior because of their visual qualities. Also, the panels can be treated with different forms of finishes to emphasize the innate metal finish or use different colors or textures to add depth.

3. Easy to Install

Other paneling materials such as masonry products, brick, and concrete are labor intensive and difficult to install. The installation process is also cumbersome and slow. Architectural interior metal wall panels come in large sizes in addition to being lightweight. For this reason, one piece covers a larger area at a faster rate than the other products. Most metal panel systems come with fastening systems that speed up the installation process.

4. Durability

When compared with other material such as drywall and wood, metal is more durable. They last long with minimal maintenance.

Architectural Wall Cladding

Metal cladding is the process of coating a material with another one for functional or aesthetic purpose. It serves as a preventive measure to protect a building from damage. Metal wall cladding uses galvanized steel and aluminum.

Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding

Adds aesthetic value

Metal cladding changes the appearance of a dull structure thus makes it aesthetically appealing leading to an increase in its market value. It is possible to apply different finishes and styles to metal cladding.

Easy to Maintain

The most distinguishable advantage of metal wall cladding is its minimal maintenance in comparison to painting. Architectural cladding on exterior surfaces requires just a regular wash to keep it looking like new. You can use it for facades, walls, roofs, canopies, and column covers. It offers resilience and durability to protect the building from damages caused by outdoor weather elements; with little maintenance.

Protection and Safety

The primary reason for metal cladding is to provide protection. It adds to the mechanical strength of a building, increases its crack resistance when temperatures change, makes it sunlight resistant, reduces water absorption, and prevents damage from chemical and air pollution. Architectural cladding also protects against molds, rain, and strong winds.

Environmentally Friendly

Panels used in metal cladding can be produced from recycled materials, which make them friendly to the environment. It reduces the amount of waste materials that go to the landfill. When the panels exhaust their usefulness, they are easily recyclable which reduce the amount of carbon footprint that is often associated with cladding panels.

Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario

In conclusion, when undertaking commercial construction contact your local building supply in Chatham for interior metal wall panels.

At Country Towne Builders, we have quality products that will leave an elegant appearance on your walls.

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