Insulated Metal Walls

Providing Insulated Metal Walls to Chatham ON

Insulated metal panels are some of the most cost-effective, efficient building materials on the market. They’re not only extremely efficient to install they’re also unbelievably energy efficient.

If you don’t already know, such panels are like an insulation sandwich. The two thin, pliable sheets of metal encase an insulating foam core. These are some of the best building materials you can buy for cold climates. They’re also great for keeping buildings cool during warmer months.

Considering that Chatham, ON has an average low temperature of -21 degrees Celsius during the month of January, insulated metal panels are a good choice as far as building materials are concerned.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of these powerful, versatile construction materials, you’re in luck. Here’s why you should choose Country Towne Builders.


Why Choose Country Towne Builders ON

Insulated metal panels are good for people, the environment, and your wallet, all at the same time. It’s not often you get the best of all worlds, especially in regards to commercial construction.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of these powerful, versatile construction materials, here’s why you should choose Country Towne Builders.


We Do It All

Insulated metal walls can be used for a wide array of applications. Country Towne Builders handle both roofing and siding, as well as other building applications you could imagine.




If you’re not sure if we can handle your custom building project, get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have!


Use Insulated Metal Walls From Leading Manufacturers

Our suppliers are some of the most cutting-edge on the market. They manufacture some of the most innovative construction materials on the market. Products like Ideal Roofing’s Ameri-Cana are well-known for being some of the most efficient available. They reduce waste and make installation as easy and painless as possible.



Metal construction isn’t just meant for blocky commercial construction any longer. Instead, these versatile metal panels can be used for everything from garage doors to church roofs.

Insulated metal panels are the future of construction. They’re cost-effective as well as being good for the environment. They’re even easy and cost-effective to install!


Looking For Insulated Metal Walls in Chatham On?

If you’re looking for insulated metal walls in Chatham, ON for your home or commercial construction project, you’re in luck. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’ll get the best possible construction at the lowest possible price!


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