How to Pick the Right Metal Panel Colours?

How to Pick the Right Metal Panel Colours?

Metal Panel Colours

A tough choice for construction professionals is usually deciding what style of metal roof to choose for their next build. Or even what colour the metal roof should be on a commercial building.

Insulated metal wall panels come available in a variety of colours and are very energy efficient.

Deciding, which Metal Panel Colours will be the most superior fit for your home or building projects? Well, it is debatable. Several aspects should be considered during the decision-making process.

What Factors Help You Choose the Best Metal Panel Colours?

Homeowners may already have an idea of what colour they would like even before the home construction begins. Nevertheless, not everybody is aware of what will look better on one’s own property. Here’s a rundown of things to think about which will aid you in narrowing down your colour choices.

Complementary Colors Are a Perfect Choice

The colours that are already present on your property are a great way to make a color selection. You’ll probably choose a rooftop color that complements or contrasts with the other external features of the house. Maybe you have blue metal siding panels, and want the roof to pop, with a lighter look. Here is a list of traditional building materials to consider:

  • Doors
  • Window Frames
  • Exterior Siding
  • Exterior Trim
  • Garage Door

You’ll be able to decide what suits your home design after knowing what additional colours you’ll be required to match your metal roof. No matter what colour you choose, know that you have outstanding durability in your roof panels. Metal roofs often last 4x longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

What Kind of Paint is used on Metal Panels?

Metal roofing systems are usually composed of layers of steel, powder coating and UV protection. This guarantee’s that the colour is sealed correctly inside and most metal roofing products come with a fade warranty.

Finished Metal Exterior Color Choices

Each structure or building is distinct, and each customer has distinctive colour preferences. Several of the most admirable aspects about adding a new metal roof to your home is being able to choose the colour. Don’t forget that UV coating will increase your home’s energy efficiency as well.

Use Geographic Location of Your House

What hue you pick may be influenced according to where you reside and where your property is situated.Consider the following scenario:

  • Southern Areas – Southern provinces such as Ontario prefer to use blue colour combinations and therefore strongly reflect Canada’s Great Lakes; or just to cool down the tone of the home. These roofs can really create some curb appeal around the neighbourhood.
  • Plains – Paints in use on outdoor structures in the Plains include gentler neutral colours, such as Man, Sard Brown, Ash Gray, Dove Gray, Surrey Dove, and Gray Beige, comparable to those used in hilly locations.
  • Forests and Mountains – Many structures in mountainous or wooded locations use neutral colours that blend nicely with their environment. Medium Bronze, Dark, Evergreen, Hartford Green, and all grey coatings are favoured in such places.
  • Suburban Regions – Spanish tiles are trendy for roofs in suburban areas. Standard colors include Colonial Red and Terra Cotta for houses that like the appearance of Spanish tile with the safety and endurance of metal roofing systems.

How to Choose the Metal Roof Design Style?

· Choose Your Style and Design

Determining the exact design, you want to accomplish is an easy construction method to limit the various colour and wide range of choices for your metal panels installation. Would you like a traditional, rustic style with warming, moderate earth tones?

ATAS Colours - Metal Products

Or perhaps your choice leans more towards contemporary style with deeper, dark shades of grey, black or brown? There are many distinct designs to choose from, and several may even be combined.

· Selecting A Few Color Options

When you’ve already settled on the style of metal shingles you want, you may start selecting colours that complement that look. It’s important to keep in mind that some colours are only suitable for some style panels and metal roofing systems. Therefore, check with your Product Specialist (ask Luke at Country Towne!) when deciding a colour to be absolutely sure it’s accessible for the panel.

· Order Samples Online

Before finalizing the selection, our experts would always propose purchasing swatches of your preferred hue of colours. Obtaining samples instead of looking at them online might assist you in seeing the correct shade directly against your brick on even on the roof.

· Make the Decision

It’s time to start making a final selection and order your metal panels after reviewing your samples. Speak with a sales representative to iron out specifics and have any remaining queries answered. That is truly the most thrilling, getting your dream home to manifest.

Will A Black Metal Roof Make Your House Hotter?

Dark-coloured metal roofs overheat quickly, making your ceiling and rooftop of the house building hotter than lighter-coloured metal roofing. However, with cool roof technology and the special UV coating, even the darker roofs will be cooler than traditional shingles.

Does A Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

Metal roofing is a beautiful and long-lasting alternative for residences. Yet, several householders are concerned that their metal rooftops may get hit by lightning. Conductive steel materials have an unfair reputation for being an attractant to lightning strikes, but according to the Metal Construction Association, this is not the case.

Instead, the steel used in metal roofs is safer than most other building materials because they have a very safe fire rating. Even further, for safety, if a building is ever struck by lightning, it will not be harmed because the metal roof will not have conducted the electricity to the building.

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Speak to one of the professionals in your area now if you’re prepared to move to the next level with your metal panel venture. Should you require advice on choosing metal panel colours, we are confident that the staff will assist you in determining the appropriate colour and style for your home. Get in touch now!

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