Corrugated Metal Panels & Steel Roofing

Corrugated Metal Panels & Steel Roofing

Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets and Panels From Country Towne Building Supply in Ontario


If you are a general contractor that regularly undertakes commercial construction projects in Ontario, you appreciate the importance of utilizing high-quality corrugated metal roofing sheets and panels. Rely on Country Towne Building Supply to provide the Architectural Panels Products your project requires (including excellent corrugated metal panels and steel roofing sheets). We offer a great selection of in-demand styles and profiles to take your next design to new heights.

The Advantages of Metal Walls And Metal Siding


Today, buildings constructed from steel frequently display attractive metal siding. Steel construction has many advantages in this region of Canada. They are both durable and very sleek looking. Just consider some of the below bullet points on why you should use some of our metal building supply products:


1. Rapid Assembly: Most experienced builders attach corrugated and non-corrugated steel or aluminum panels to man-made structures comparatively rapidly. Unlike conventional wood and timber-framed buildings, steel buildings often permit assembly using an accelerated timetable. These structures typically reach customers in a pre-cut or even a partially assembled form. This fact means builders don’t need to await the arrival of a variety of additional construction materials from diverse suppliers, in most cases.


2. Design Versatility: Today, metal building manufacturers offer a stunning array of floor plans, components, architectural motifs, and color selections. Many builders in this area urge customers to install a new metal roof or metal-based siding during rebuilding projects for this reason. Replacing wooden panels with high-quality metal roofing sheets may allow a vintage home to embrace a new, modern design motif.


3. Reduced Labor Costs: Due to the prefabricated nature of metal building supplies, contractors sometimes discover they require a much smaller crew to erect or finish buildings utilizing these popular products.


4. Fire Resistance: Fires pose a significant risk in some communities in Ontario. Although metal will burn, typically it resists flames far more effectively than wood. Today, metal products manufacturers often coat metal-based building materials with flame-retardant finishes to further enhance this capability.


5. Durability: Metal construction materials endure for longer periods of time than most other building materials. While the initial costs of acquisition may appear higher, over the long term these components often prove far more cost-effective due to their durability.


6. Ease of Maintenance: Consumers appreciate the use of metal in the construction of homes and businesses due to the ease of maintaining steel structures. For example, most types of vinyl aluminum siding significantly outlast wooden siding. Long-lasting metal roofing sheets manufactured by us right here at our manufacturing facility. They require only minimal maintenance if any at all. They retain their vivid colors and stylish appearance for many years.



The Importance of Metal Cladding


Metal cladding offers important benefits for customers seeking excellent corrugated metal panels and corrugated metal roofing sheets and panels. By adding durable cladding to one (or both) exposed flat sheet metal surfaces, a manufacturer essentially covers a product with additional resistant protective layers. Cladding may consist of another metal or a composite metal product that bonds with the surface. (1) Clad surfaces sometimes prove vital to the performance of products in the field.

Some popular cladding materials currently include:

  • Copper;
  • Stainless Steel;
  • Brass;
  • Aluminum;
  • Zinc;
  • Titanium;
  • Galvanized Steel;
  • Proprietary Weathering Steel Formulations.


While manufacturers in diverse industries utilize corrugated metal roofing sheets and panels often, this technology has proven particularly helpful in the building industry. By employing lightweight clad Architectural Panels Products in key locations on the exterior of a building, a skilled architect often achieves important stylistic goals. For instance, the use of weathering steels such as COR-TEN may permit metal buildings to display enhanced rust-resistance properties. Yet the clad paneling also lends a distinctive “weathered steel” appearance to the structure.



Our Excellent Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets & Building Supplies


Country Towne Building Supply assists customers looking for high-quality architectural metal roofing sheets, panels products, and other clad materials.  If we don’t have an item you require in stock, we’ll help special order it for you. Our staff strives to help commercial construction business owners throughout the Chatham-Kent region of Ontario. We consider no building project too large. We strive to provide outstanding customer service!

Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario


Our company seeks to furnish a valuable resource for architects and builders in Ontario. Today, a growing number of contractors rely upon well-manufactured metal roofing sheets, panels, and siding(including corrugated metal panels and corrugated metal wall panels) in order to complete new construction or remodeling projects.

These products reach customers in a dizzying array of dimensions, materials, shapes, and colors. They offer the flexibility to create very appealing, trendy exteriors for homes and businesses. We’ll also assist you in ordering the specific metal fasteners and other accessory metal building supply materials you need to assemble a steel building or to prepare a metal building kit for your customers.

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