Construction Materials for Commercial Buildings

Construction Materials for Commercial Buildings

Construction Materials Commercial Buildings
Working in commercial construction, you are always looking for top quality building materials. Construction materials are readily available at Home Imporvement stores, but when you are looking for industrial quality products call Country Towne Building Supply. Our Metal products are durable and have a higher energy efficiency rating. Our wide range of commercial building products can be seen in many of the industrial and commercial buildings all over Ontario. The following is just a sampling of the construction materials we offer to building and construction companies like yours.

Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated Metal Panels are heavy duty. They retain heat and resist all kinds of weather. Here in Canada, resisting the weather conditions is practically a prerequisite for building anything. These panels are ideal for warehouses and storage buildings, as well as factory and manufacturing plant exterior walls. They come in a multitude of colors and a handful of vertical and horizontal styles. (See “Colours and Finishes” below to see what we offer for colour and finish options.)

Architectural Cladding

Not all buildings look great as ground level to penthouse walls of windows and glass. Instead, consider Architectural Cladding as a means of providing a decorative and functional type of siding for commercial office buildings. This type of product also works well for contemporary design and construction of apartment buildings.
Metal Wall Systems
Panels can be interspersed with tall glass windows, or with other architectural features. Some of the most interesting buildings in Ontario utilize these panels to create very unique commercial buildings that stand out from all other buildings around them. Consult with the architect of the building (if there is one) to see how these particular panels will work and are installed for maximum visual impact.

Metal Wall Cladding

Metal Wall Cladding consists of metal panels that are made to look like other construction materials. In many cases these quality products replace wood slat siding or vinyl siding but retain the look of these materials despite being made entirely of metal. Along with resembling the Construction materials clients and consumers like best, these metal panels have exceptional energy efficiency.
When paired with the best insulation, the metal wall panels are quite effective at reducing energy bills and costs that the client or consumer might otherwise incur if he/she built the building with wood or vinyl siding instead. We also sell fully insulated metal cladding panels that need no other insulation behind them or between them and the interior walls of the building. It costs a little more initially, but these insulated panels pay for themselves in the long run, something your client or consumer may really appreciate.

Construction Materials

Additionally, we produce a number of custom construction materials. Commercial construction materials are not always a one size fits all operation, which means that sometimes you need something custom made in order to finish a construction job. A specific example might be a refrigerated industrial building used to house meat or produce, in which case you may need panels or cladding that are designed to keep the interior of the building at a very specific temperature.
At other times, you may need paneling or cladding that is an odd shape and nothing currently on the market can be cut to fit properly. That is where our custom services can help. Just send us the dimensions, material type, color, etc., and we will create exactly what you need to finish your construction project for your client/consumer and finish it on time.

Colours and Finishes Available

We offer bright and unusual colours, such as bergendy, bright red, and Melcher’s green (a sort of bright grass green or kelly green). We also have earth tones, such as coffee, stone gray, charcoal, and khaki. Our most unusual colour availability is in a “crinkle finish,” which takes one of three basic colours and adds a sort of slight multi-tonal look that resembles mottled fine granite. Of course, if you just want a standard PVDF colour, we offer 30 vibrant colours that can be used for commercial or residential builders for any sort of project you are building.
ATAS Colours - Metal Products
In terms of finishes, we have almost as many finishes as we have colours. Satin anodized, bronze anodized and classic stainless steel are just a few of our more popular finishes. When mixed and matched with any of the available colours we offer, you have over several hundred possible looks for any building you are constructing. Your constructed buildings will look shiny and quite contemporary in these finishes.

Like Our Walls? Check out Our Metal Roofing Too!

If you like the materials we offer for walls and exterior coverings, check out our roofing materials too. We are the one stop shop for all your building material needs. Let us work with you and your consumers or clients to build the commercial building of their dreams and we will deliver all the materials to your worksite as needed.
Metal Building Supply Chatham Ontario
Call us at Country Town Building Supply today to place an order or request sample materials you can show to your consumers.

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