Building Solutions for Commercial Projects

Building Solutions for Commercial Projects

Building Solutions for Commercial Projects

If you are looking for building solutions for commercial projects and you are starting a new building soon, you want to be well-informed and able to choose the right materials for the job. In particular, you want to offer your clients and consumers the best quality products available in commercial construction. When you and your clients and consumers want energy efficiency in building materials, you choose commercial metal roofing and metal walls.

Solid Reasons for Choosing Metal Roofing Systems and Metal Panels for Construction

When you think of metal roofing installations and exterior metal panels, you probably imagine industrial metal roofing, the kind that looks like quality gauge steel. You wouldn’t be far off the mark, except that modern commercial metal roofing and metal panels are very different from those used fifty or so years ago. In fact, you might be surprised at all the different ways these quality metal building products can be used in commercial construction!

Here are some solid reasons and benefits for choosing metal walls and metal roofing as building solutions for commercial projects:

  • Energy efficiency in Canada is vital; metal building products keep all the heat in and all the cold out.
  • Metal roofing installations are faster and easier to complete than most other roofing product installations.
  • In terms of building solutions, the newest steel construction materials offer a wide variety of colors and textures to create exactly the look your clients and customers want.
  • These products take the old traditional look of industrial building to brand new levels, refining the look and creating a much more inviting and elegant exterior to any structure.
  • Metal building products have higher insulation ratings and lifetime warranties and guaranties, properties that other roofing and siding materials do not have.
  • Metal roofs never rust or corrode, providing perfect protection for every roof. Likewise, the metal walls carry the same properties to ensure that the entire commercial or industrial building you complete for a consumer will stand for years and years with no major exterior repairs or maintenance.
  • Your clients and customers will appreciate the higher quality products you provide with your construction services and recommend you and the products to others.

Maybe you have other suppliers who are already offering you these products, however we have manufacturing facilities on site. You get custom metal panels at a wholesale price. You need to add these quality products to your inventory to stay ahead of the curve in the construction world.

A Word on Standing Seam Metal Roof Materials

Maybe you have heard about corrugated metal roofing materials. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you should know that these fully interlocking seam panels have hidden fasteners for installation. Interlocking panels with steel fasteners for installation means that the panels hold themselves in place for durability and strength. Minimal fasteners reduces the possibility of rusting fasteners and reduces the possibility of those fasteners creating small holes where water can seep through.

industrial grade metal roofing

Standing seam metal roofs, therefore, provide additional protection as industrial metal roofing and commercial metal roofing. You can choose from several types of roofing systems, all of which flawlessly lock into each other and permanently and help protect against snow, ice, rain, etc.. This particular type of roofing is considered the highest industrial grade of metal roofing available, and while it might be a little more than what your client or customer wants to spend, he or she will be sold on the numerous added benefits and protection it provides above and beyond most other metal roofing products.

Getting Started with our Building Solutions for Commercial Projects

If your construction business or architectural firm operates in or around Chatham-Kent, Ontario (Canada), these metal building solutions are closer to you than you may realize. Country Towne Building Supply has both an online gallery and a brick and mortar location for you to check out these amazing products. They are a reputable dealer of ATAS International, who uses sustainable products for energy efficiency and heat conservation. You can call us directly at the number below to request sample materials or a time to visit the store to see what’s available.


commercial building solutions


If you want to see some of the finished projects where these products were used, there is a number of roofs and commercial buildings in the area that already have these products installed. It is remarkable how these products look so much like wood shingles or asphalt shingles from afar, but are metal up close. It’s like getting the best of every roofing material in one product!

Country towne building supply can either share pictures of completed projects with you, or you can visit locations of completed projects to see for yourself how well the metal construction materials work, both physically and visually.


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