Board And Batten Steel Siding in Chatham

Board And Batten Steel Siding in Chatham

Board and Batten Steel Siding

Eight Reasons to Select Steel Board And Batten Siding Panels in Chatham, Ontario!


Have you considered undertaking a new commercial or residential construction project in Ontario recently? Country Towne Building Supply in Chatham offers the affordable, high quality metal Architectural Panels Products you require! We carry excellent lines developed by a leading manufacturer in this field. As a metal building supply outlet, we possess specialized knowledge relating to this form of construction, too. Contact us online or by telephone to obtain additional information about our outstanding inventory services.



Widely Used in Commercial Construction in Ontario


Today, builders in Chatham and outlying communities in this part of Ontario widely appreciate the merits of metal products. Experts in Architectural Design have utilized this building material for many years. Yet the popularity and utility of Architectural Panel Products spread during the past decade. Currently, numerous companies vie to serve as the leading manufacturer of top quality metal building components in Canada.


Steel Board and Batten on a Chatham Home


Country Towne Building Supply takes great pride in connecting our customers with top quality merchandise. We carry a variety of excellent sheet metal and galvanized metal products to assist builders and contractors throughout this region.



Eight Reasons to Request Board And Batten Steel Siding


Many Architectural Design experts have contributed to the metal siding and sheet metal marketplace. Why do so many professionals involved in commercial construction in Ontario prefer to rely upon metal as an important building material? Consider just eight strong reasons to choose steel board and batten siding panels. Steel siding offers some key advantages:


A Strong Construction Material


First, remember steel remains one of the strongest metals for building construction purposes. Manufacturers can mold and shape steel into a variety of shapes. Yet this metal offers strength and (in the case of stainless steel) impressive rust-resistance properties. Ask our Metal Building Supply outlet to provide you with accurate specifications from manufacturers concerning the strength of steel building products.


Use Stylish Sheet Metal Exterior Components


Steel also enjoys popularity as a component of Metal Siding due to its beauty. Metal products manufacturers have discovered ways to create exterior panels in a variety of attractive, long lasting colors. Many of these products use earth tones. While some metal buildings maintain a distinctive silver-gray exterior, builders may obtain a rich array of hues and patterns when they search for components for metal buildings. These items retain color without fading easily!


Fire Safety Advantages


Of course, in places where forest fires pose a concern, steel components appeal to numerous builders due to their fire resistant properties. Steel combusts into flame only at very high temperatures. Unlike wood, it does not ignite easily. Burning embers sometimes promote the spread of conflagrations in wilderness areas in Canada. Yet they rarely cause steel surfaces to transmit flames to other parts of a structure.


Insect Resistant


Board and Batten Steel panels also supply excellent insect resistance. Owners of wood framed structures in Ontario sometimes sustain extensive losses due to termite activity, for example. By using steel components instead, skilled builders help their customers avoid these types of unnecessary environmental damage. Termites do attack wood finishing in steel buildings, of course. However, they cannot tunnel easily through exterior steel paneling.




Siding composed of steel offers another key benefit. It permits architects and builders to craft remarkably versatile modern structures. Use these types of panel products across an entire exterior, or restrict them to specific parts of a building (such as a lobby or a portico. These construction materials often assist customers seeking to renovate or remodel vintage structures rapidly, for example. This flexibility contributes to the broad appeal of these versatile product lines.


Rapid Installation


In Ontario, builders frequently discover using steel Architectural Panels products permits them to expedite projects. We carry easily installed components. This merchandise may help lower construction labor costs.


Low Maintenance


Steel siding offers another important advantage: ease of maintenance. Today, many manufacturers market tough, galvanized steel. These surfaces reflect better weather resistance. They don’t require extensive annual maintenance to keep in an attractive condition.




Finally, steel exterior panels permit recycling. This environmentally friendly aspect of steel buildings appeals to many customers in Ontario. Using steel components means property owners may eventually re-use some vintage construction materials. Our merchandise won’t contribute to landfills.



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