Architectural Metal Siding Panels in Chatham

Architectural Metal Siding Panels in Chatham

Architectural Metal Siding Panels in Chatham

Metal walls and architectural metal siding panels give a commercial building an edge by adding value to its architectural design with lots of style options to choose from. If you are looking to update the look of your building with a new roof or new siding, the clear choice is investing in metal project materials.

As steel offers some of the most Eco-friendly, energy efficient and durable building material on the market today.

Also, after the installation is done, you’ll save cash down the road because metal has a long life span. In this guide, you’ll discover more reasons why metal panels and siding are preferred by contractors and architects when they develop blueprints and new architectural designs.

Corrugated Architectural Panel Products

Corrugated architectural panel products are commonly used in business districts and residential areas. However, the demand for metal wall panels is higher in commercial areas because of its strength and durability.

For a small business owner, corrugated metal panels can drive more foot traffic into a store. This happens because the look of architectural metal wall panels is quite noticeable among a group of buildings that just has traditional siding. Corrugated siding and wall panels are available in a variety of colors, and depending on the angle of the sun, sunlight can create an effect that gives each panel a different tone or shade during the day.

Vertical Architectural Panels Products

If you sell large industrial products in a huge building or warehouse, vertical panels are highly recommended. These will attract attention if they’re included in a new commercial construction project because their design creates amazing sight lines and new design options.

Vertical panels have clean lines that enhance key aspects of a building’s architectural metal design. From far away, a group of strategically layered vertical walls can make a structure appear larger. This illusion occurs because the architectural metal extends far into the distance several feet above the ground.

In commercial areas, vertical panels are used frequently in the agriculture industry. If you use this product to build a warehouse for gas-powered farming equipment, you can add windows around the panels to ensure proper air circulation.

Horizontal Metal Building Supply

During commercial construction projects on spacious lots, many contractors use horizontal metal siding because its long and slender design works well on large narrow plots of land.

After the architectural metal is installed, it creates a seamless line that extends to the end of a building; this layout of the product makes a structure very appealing and sleek.

Horizontal siding also creates an illusion from a certain angle. If you stand in front of the panels, the structure will appear longer and bigger.

Modern Exterior Architectural Panels Products

A more modern exterior panel can give a commercial building a touch of elegance. The key is in the steel profile. If a architect or builder uses an exterior siding panel strategically to develop an attractive profile, the panels will turn heads. This in turn offers better rentals for those in search of commercial space.

There are unique ways to use an exterior siding panel wall, as contractors can layer them horizontally or vertically. They can also create a 3-D effect by layering a group of panels against the main exterior of a home.

If you want to give your building a modern look, just incorporate vivid shades of a metal wall or siding panel that has clean lines. To make a traditional metal siding products have a modern look, use darker colors in the design.


Metal Cladding Benefits


  • Suburb steel protection: Metal cladding panels create a solid shield. They can prevent damage that’s caused by pollution, sunlight, wind, and water.
  • Non combustible: According to the International Building Code, all metal cladding is fire-resistant. This basically means that metal cladding provides better advantages than wood and other traditional material in high-risk environments. Steel panels are strong and won’t catch fire.


If you’re on the search for quality architectural siding in Chatham, buy products from a leading manufacturer in the siding and metal roofing industry. Every leading manufacturer makes top-of-the-line products, and all reputable metal building supply companies sell professional-grade materials.


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